Our Work

Cultural responsibilities

Sinixt Nation has many responsibilities.

Repatriations Work

To date the Sinixt Nation has carried out 64 repatriations of ancestral remains and reburied them at our burial grounds at the Vallican site. This is an ongoing effort.

Cultural Site protection

Attendance at consultations, legal challenges, education and physical and spiritual intervention are all used in our efforts to protect our cultural sites in our territory.

Community events

Participation in many community events in the Columbia River Headwaters, including performing welcomings, blessings, storytelling, cultural skillsharing. We also host many evenst to educate the broader community as to the interests of the Sinixt Nation.


Providing educational field trips of the Vallican and Lemon Creek village sites. Providing Aboriginal curriculum for local school districts. Speaking tours in schools to teach children about Sinixt culture.

smum iem

smum iem is the overall responsibilities of Sinixt women caring for the land, water, air, plants, animals, children, men. When some one is in need in our community whether they are Sinixt or not smum iem makes certain that they get their basic needs. Time to time Sinixt smum iem councils will provide support for things such as providing meals for people, helping raise funds to help families who's homes were lost to fire, demanding access to, and protection of clean water for all.

Below is a list of some of the Work we have performed over the years:

Please Check back soon! We are currently sorting through hundreds of pages of documents and news clippings in regards to Sinixt Nation our participation with and the recognition from the non-Sinixt community in the Columbia River Headwaters over the past 25 years.