Position Paper of the Sinixt Nation-1991

Position Paper of the Sinixt/Arrow Lakes Band

May 12, 1991


We, the Sinixt descendants, take the position that no other nation, government, organization, or group has the right or authority to negotiate any matters concerning our inherent rights without our full involvement and consent.

We the Arrow Lakes peoples do not recognize the Colville Business Council's resolution 1991-89 regarding Arrow Lakes, nor will we recognize any other governments in North America. Only we can decide our own destiny which has been put in place by the teachings of Coyote.

Any actions that do not include all the Sinixt/Arrow Lakes people and their descendants that reside on this island known as North America is invalid.

Our main concern for the day is to put our uprooted Elders to rest, where they belong.




Hereditary Chief Francis L. Romero

Eva C. Orr

Ambrose Adolph

Jim Stelkia

Alice Swan-Stewart

Pierre Kruger

Marcella Michel

Emory Gabriel

Lawrence F. Tonasket

Howard Gabriel

Steve Kruger

Valerie J. Babtiste

Corinna Gabriel

Leonard George

Vance R. Campbell, Sr.

Walter Lawrence Swan

Charlette Misiaszek

Mario Dean George

Lenny Pierre

Yvonne Swan

Trudi E. Tonasket

Ronni Francis

August Armstrong

Christine Andrew

Robert Watt


cc: United Nations

United Nations Commission on Human Rights

United Nations Sub-Commission for the Prevention of

Discrimination and Protection of Minorities


President of the United States of America

Prime Minister of Canada

Premier of British Columbia

Governor of Washington State

Department of Indian of Affairs offices

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