Sinixt Documentary Trailer

Trailer for a documentary film "Bring Home the Bones", originally titled "The Bone Game", a glimpse into the story of the Sinixt Nation and our peoples determination to continue our cultural and spiritual laws and practices as appointed down to us by our elders and clan-mothers and our struggle to have our tribe and people recognized by CANADA  and the BC governments since they fraudulently extincted our people in 1956.  Interviews with Appointed Sinixt Spokesperson Marilyn James, Archeologist Gordon Mohs, Appointed Hereditary Sinixt Headman Vance Robert (Bob) Campbell, community members and more. The film also looks at some of the work done by Sinixt to reclaim and protect our ancient village and burial sites and to repatriate 64 ancestral remains from private and public collections such as the Royal Museum of British Columbia.
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