Timeline of events from Sinixt encampment on slhu7kin/Perry Ridge

This timeline of events from the Sinixt encampment on slhu7kin/Perry Ridge is subject to change... Dates will be updated and more information to be added. Stay tuned.

Prior to May 2013- British Columbia Timber Sales (BCTS) and the Province of British Columbia (BC) DO NOT hold consultations with Sinixt Nation over operations on slhu7kin/Perry Ridge after years of correspondence regarding slhu7kin/Perry Ridge, previous consultations, and Sinixt Nation involvement in the BC Ministry of Forests CORE planning table in the 1990's.


May 10th, 2013 – BCTS received a Cease and Desist Order from Sinixt Nation.


Prior to may 31st – Sinixt remove the lock on the Perry Ridge Forest Service Road and place Sinixt Nation signs on the gate declaring it a cultural-use area of the Sinixt Nation. The said signs have a phone number to contact for access. Sinixt scout for an encampment site on the ridge for traditional purposes such as berry-picking, hunting, religious fasts and ceremonies, and other basic cultural, social and religious developments. The first fasting ceremony of the year is held on slhu7kin/Perry Ridge by a blood relative from Secwepemc territory.


May 31st, 2013 – Galena Contracting Ltd. of Nakusp BC, recieves a contract for road-building work on Perry Ridge with BCTS. (Sinixt Nation was not informed of the contract at this time and no communications between either groups was exchanged.)


June 10 2013 – Sinixt Nation issues a second Cease and Desist order to BCTS. Sinixt Nation sets up a cultural encampment on Perry Ridge to aid in the social, cultural, religious developments of Sinixt human beings..


June 10 2013 – A tree-planting company contracted by BCTS is given access to conduct their business by Sinixt Nation. A BCTS silvaculturalist by the name of “Karen” checking the work of the tree-planters is physically served the said Cease and Desist Order and was allowed to proceed up the roadway.


June 11 2013 – Tree-planters come to work again. Karen the BCTS silvaculturalist and an unidentified male from BCTS comes to our encampment to “talk.” When told about various Canadian laws, the unidentified male from BCTS told us that he was “above the law.” When told by Sinixt that “noone is above the law,” he replied “Oh yes we are.” Sinixt gave the male from BCTS a copy of the Cease and Desist Order that was served the day before.


June ?? - Sinixt lock removed from gate and Sinixt sign stating international laws and the area as a Sinixt NAtion cultural-use area are removed by an unknown indivual. A Sinixt lock is once again placed on the gate. With new signs placed on the gate, with a map of Sinixt Territory.


June ?? 2013 – Ray Harscal of Galena Contracting Ltd. cuts Sinixt lock from gate even though the gate was open. Harscal along with two employees drive up to camp and begin video taping. A conversion between a Sinixt human rights defender and Harscal ensue. A complete transcript of the conversion is available here. This is the first time anyone from Sinixt Nation was made aware that Galena Contracting Ltd. and their road-building contract existed.


June ?? 2013 – The operator of two woodlot licences on Perry Ridge removes the Sinixt lock from the gate and bolts the gate shut with a heavy duty bolt and in the process locks in a young family with their 4 year old son. If there had been an serious emergency situation (chainsaw injury for example) this act by the woodlot could have resulted in the loss of life. The family eventually hack-sawed their way through the bolt. A Sinixt lock was put on the gate again.


July 16 2013 – Two RCMP officers, one verified as being from the RCMP “E Division” Major Crimes Section and two Ministry of Natural Resources enforcement officers come to “talk” to occupants of the Sinixt Camp. RCMP inform us that anyone blocking the road will be charged with mischief under the Criminal Code of Canada. We informed all the officers of the Sinixt extinction status (which they were already well aware) and of Canadian human rights law and Canada's legal obligations to conventional international law. The Ministry enforcement officers served Notice of Trespass on Crown Land Orders to “occupants of Sinixt Nation”. The Sinixt lock on the gate was removed and left open with a new lock put in place. The Sign with a map of sinixt territory was removed and taken. A BC trespass on crown land sign was put in its place.

Stay in contact for video of the conversation.


July 17th – A major RCMP operation consisting of at least 10 officers, lead BCTS and Ray Harscal past the encampment. The road way was already open. We were told by Sgt. Mike Wicentowich from Nakusp of the RCMP E Division Major Crimes Section that the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act (Canadian Human Rights Law) was not applicable and denied that the RCMP have a duty to enforce international law in Canada, such as genocide. The RCMP said if anyone prevented road-building work they would be arrested for mischief. The RCMP treated Sinixt as criminals for exercising and defending our guaranteed basic human rights as indigenous peoples under their own Canadian laws.


July 17th – Sinixt send letter to the Province of British Columbia disputing the Trespass on Crown Land Orders that were placed at our encampment by the Ministry of Natural Resources enforcement officers.


July 18th – A injunction brought before the Nelson BC courts is adjourned. Judge cites RCMP can take any action but companies can not continue to abuse the injunction process.


Sinixt continue to exercise our fundamental right to use and occupy slhu7kin/Perry Ridge for cultural, social, and religious purposes despite the threat of removing us from our indigenous homelands by the Province of British Columbia.

to be continued...

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So much of the land is being carved up...our forests look like a patchwork quilt.  The government is so willng to give land over to logging corporations but has no consideration for people who want to live sustainably and communally.  I hope the Sinixt can lead the way in showing us who want to learn, how...and I fully support their desire to perserve this area, for future generations.

I have been following thiNation ever since I first heard of them from some archaeologists working in the area. To protect thier Culture and Heritage they have re-occupied their lands. Non-natives were digging up their burial grounds for artifacts, this gets me so angry, nuff said

Cudos to your stances and the law enforcement recks of bullies enforcing a right to do as they please, disregarding you ownership.