Exerpts from the Archived Minutes of the British Columbia Legislature

After unsucessfully motioning to pass a resolution to impose a $50 dollar "foriegn hunter" fee on "Colville" [Sinixt] hunters to interfere with Sinixt peoples who "by way of custom" were attempting to continue their most fundamental human rights within Sinixt Territory, the BC Legislature passed a motion to pursue the Lieutenat General and the United States government to block the "Indians from the neighborhood of Colville" from crossing the Canada/US International Boundary Line.  If international coventional law had existed on December 3rd, 1894 without a doubt the Crown and British Columbia would be in violation of not just the Canadian domestic statute law under the "Crimes Against Humanity an War Crimes Act" but also under the United Nations (UN) Covenant on Civil and Politcal Rights.

It should be noted that Colonel Adams the man who seconded the motion to impose the racist hunting fees on Sinixt on another day in the Legislature presented the enforcement procedures for the banning of the potlatch and giveaways.