Indigenous Peoples PRESS Conference

Event Date: 
Monday, October 10, 2016 - 14:00


Ward African Methodist Episcopal Church
1177 W 25th St, Los Angeles, California 90007

Protect The Wolves®, a Native American Religious Group, requests your presence to show Solidarity for "ALL" Living Things that are Sacred to the Indigenous People's of North America. The Creator has blessed Protect the Wolves® with all of you that are following and participating in this Movement to reclaim a voice for All of our Sacred Animals. With your minds, joining their minds, this Movement will Ultimately Triumph in this War, brought on by those that only see the dollar signs.

With us will be the most Powerful Traditional Medicine Man Jimmy Stgoddard for the Blackfoot Confederacy. His as well as Our Medicine is known throughout our people on our quest to speak for our Sacred Wildlife. 

Jimmy asked us in July to assemble a group of people to witness the power of these bundles when we were speaking for Our Sacred Wolves, Grizzlies, Water, Mother Earth, Standing Rock Issues and the importance of a Buffer Zone surrounding all of Americas National Parks in June and July. In Todays phone conference we agreed that nothing needs this Medicine more than the Press Conference we are about to be part of.

Please Respond to:
Protect The Wolves® A Native American Religious Nonprofit
Roger Dobson Cowlitz Tribal Elder/ Director of Grants/Fundraising