Public Notice: RE: Mt. Sentinel Access 2014, February 01

PUBLIC NOTICE: (Updated Feb. 12 2014)

Re: Mt. Sentinel gate access and restrictions

The Sinixt Nation has been present at the Mt. Sentinel roadway all week with no communications from any contractors or Ministry representatives. We have placed a combo lock on the gate until further notice as a result of the lack of communications.

Any water-users, firewood gatherers, and other community members who maintain cultural relationships with the area who requires access can contact

Marilyn James or Taress Alexis at 250-226-6726 or Robert Watt or Dennis Zarelli Jr at the Sinixt Nation Bighouse at 250-226-6743 or email, and they will receive the combination.

Access to industrial development (BCTS, MFLNR) is being restricted until developers have the free, prior, and informed consent of the Sinixt Nation and until the concerns of the Sinixt Nation are addressed.

Dennis Zarelli Jr. - Sinixt Nation Communications & Media Liaison for:

Marilyn James - Sinixt Nation Spokesperson

Robert Watt - Sinixt Nation Caretaker of Sacred Sites

Vance Robert Campbell Sr. - Sinixt Nation Headman