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Statement in support of Sinixt Nation from the opening of Selkirk College's Aboriginal Gathering Place

This statement was issued at the opening of The Aboriginal Gathering Place at Selkirk College, Castlegar campus on May 24th 2012.  We encourage people to post comments and create a discussion around this statement. Please share your thoughts, and opinions that are relevent to this statement. The intention is a positive one so we ask that your comments have this intention as well. All abusive and irrelevent comments will be deleted.

Hello…My name is Dennis Zarelli. I live in Vallican, in the Slocan Valley.  I have asked permission from multiple sinixt people to be allowed to share my thoughts in this statement. With their blessings they requested me to present my statement publicly so that they could witness the presentation of my statement. They have asked that I only express their position so that my statement would be able to put these issues beyond a first nations vs. first nations issue and into the realm of much broader consideration.  Other than that request these thoughts and feelings are my own.

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